Basic Tutorial

To draw a node, position your cursor where you want it, and click:

Node 0

After you have two or more nodes, you can connect pairs of nodes by clicking first on one (it becomes highlighted to indicate that it has been selected), then on another

Three Nodes
Selected Node
Connected Nodes

To select a node, click on it

To move a node, select it, then drag

To name a node: select it, then type

To delete a node: select it, then hit 'Delete'

To delete a line: click on both nodes, again (Clicking on two nodes in succession builds a line if it doesn't exist and removes it if it does)

To select more than one node: select one or more; then click on a new node with the shift or S key down

To deselect all nodes: press the 'd' key

To deselect a single node: click on it with the shift or S key down

Hold shift or S to use the rubber band selection

To select all nodes press 'A'

To copy a selected subgraph press 'C'

To paste a copied subgraph press 'V'

To extrude a selected subgraph press 'X'

To make a complete subraph on selected nodes press 'undefined'

To expand a selection to all neighbors press 'E'

To form the complement or inverse of a selected subgraph press 'I'

To display the shortest path between two selected nodes press 'undefined'

To selected displayed nodes (as in path or dominating set) press 'undefined'

To join several nodes to another selected several (using shift key) then click new node

To import and export your graph use the file menu

While holding the R key, your selection is retained Clicking the canvas will create a node with edges to your selected node(s)