Computer Information Technology Minor

Requirements for students entering the program as of Spring 2015

Required Courses 15 Hours

CPSC 130
Introduction to Programming and Information Systems
CPSC 146
Introduction to Programming Principles
CPSC 207
System Software and Architecture for End Users
CPSC 300
Challenges of Computer Technology
CPSC 323
Database Systems

Choose Two of the following:

CPSC 215
Mobile App Development
CPSC 217
Structured and Dynamic Web Programming
CPSC 246
Advanced Programming Principles
CPSC 315
Computer Gadget Project

Choose One of the Following

CPSC 246
Advanced Programming Principles
CPSC 317
Scripting Languages
CPSC 327
System Administration and Security
CPSC 337
Introduction to web Graphics
CPSC 370
Computer Org and Arch
CPSC 374
Data Structures
CPSC 376
Programming Languages and Theory
CPSC 413
Systems Analysis
CPSC 423
Computer Networks
CPSC 427
Interface Design
CPSC 450
CPSC 456
Introduction to Computer Graphics
CPSC 464
Operating Systems
CPSC 476
Artifical Intellifence and Robotics
CPSC 488
Software Engineering
CPSC 480
Machine Learning
ART 214
   Art Syn Dig Media
COMM 201
Digital Imaging
COMM 248
Interactive Multimedia I
COMM 258
Interactive Mulitmedia II
COMM 254
Video Production
COMM 350
Video Editing
MGMT 351
 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 365
 Management Information Systems
MRKT 330
  Principles of Marketing
MATH 152
   Elementary Stats OR
Business Stats

Important Notes

  • The QPA for all courses taken in the minor must be at least 2.00
  • A student cannot major and minor in the same discipline/academic area, but may minor in a specialization offered by his/her major department. A minimum of two courses in the minor must be upper division (numbered 300 or above). For each individual student these two upper division courses and at least one other course in the selected minor area must be outside his/her major area requirements or electives counted toward his/her major.
  • The Information Technology minor must submit a self-maintained progress sheet to the COmputer Science Department for verificiation.