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The Computer Science Department at Slippery Rock University offers a concentration in Information Technology degree that supports the university's mission by providing a dynamic computing program tailored to the needs of a growing market. The Department of Computer Science is committed to providing an all-around and in-depth education that qualifies its majors for a wide range of careers in computing and/or advanced studies in computer-related fiels. To fulfill its commitment, the department has designed a curricula which places an emphasis on developing both information management and decision-making skills, a sense of professional responsibility, and developing depth and breadth of the subject matter.


Today's rapid growth in information technology has led to the emergence of a dynamic computer-driven field that utilizes Web-based applications as a means of communication. Graduates of the IT program will be prepared for positions in the IT department of any business. Courses selected for this program were determined by faculty in the Computer Science Department after researching the needs of business and examining the many courses that corporations require of their employees. Corporations are continually retraining their employees to keep abreast of rapid changes in the computer industry. Hence, graduates of the IT program are expected to have a variety of employment opportunities. Graduates will also be prepared for graduate work in information science and technology, management information science and other computer/information systems disciplines. Our graduates have consistently enjoyed excellent job placement.


The Computer Science Department has twelve faculty members who are highly credentialed and dedicated to providing excellence in the teaching and learning process. Eleven of the faculty members hold doctoral degrees. Scholarly research is currently conducted and partially funded by several local, state, and national agencies in the areas of robotics/artificial intelligence, parallel computing and program optimization. While the primary goal of the faculty members is excellence in teaching, their research and scholarly interests play an important role in keeping our curricula on the cutting edge of the discipline. In addition, these interests provide research opportunities to interested students. The majors strengths of the department are: availability of instructors outside the classroom for additional help, small class size, one-on-one academic advising and strong faculty support for student activities.

Student Activities

The department supports student activities in many ways. Faculty members are actively interested in functions sponsored by the Computer Technology Club. Every major in the department is automatically a member of the club. The department has a chaper of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, a national honor society in computing. All students are encouraged to join the Association of Computing Machinery, the best-known international professional organization in computing. Every year the department sponsors teams for participation in at least two programming contests, one held by the ACM and the other by the Pennsylvania Association for Computer and Information Sciences Educators during professional meetings.

Computing Facilities

The department maintains five computer laboratories exclusively for the use of students in major courses. The laboratories are equipped with UNIX X-Window workstations, Workstations running the Windows XP operating system, a B-12 mobile robot, a vision system and robotic arms, and servers and workstations for hands-on training in computer networking. All software used in course work is available in these labs and in other selected campus labs. The university provides full Internet access to all students. In addition, the department allows each major to maintain his/her own World Wide Web page for academic purposes. Students are not required to own a computer.

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