The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

April 7, 1995

The PACISE Executive Board met at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on April 7th, 1995. Joseph Thomas, Treasurer, convened the Board at 5:00 pm.

Present: Thomas Ahlbourn [West Chester], Jerry Blackmon[California], Clarence Krantz [Mansfield], Bill McArthur [Shippensburg], Mary Micco [Indiana], Joseph Molnar [Edinboro], John Potter [Lock Haven], Joseph Thomas [Kutztown], Deborah Whitfield [Slippery Rock], Erik Wynters [Bloomsburg].

The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of February 3, 1995 were approved.

A treasurer's report showing a balance of $1,942.66 was accepted.

A suggestion for conferences was made: have activities in the Friday afternoon portion of the conference.

On April 3rd the PACISE financial statements were reviewed by John Potter and Deborah Whitfield. They suggested that receipts need to be turned in for travel reimbursements. The board unanimously approved a motion that all requests are to be made in writing and include the individual's name, the date, the school's name, reason for request, amount of request, and the meeting covered. An addendum to the minutes of February 3, 1995 were approved.

Tom Ahlbourn motioned that the PACISE minutes should be electronically posted. The board unanimously approved the motion. Tentatively, the minutes will be posted on the PACISE site at IUP.

The host for the Spring 1996 conference will be California. The conference will be held in conjunction with the SSHE-MA meeting in May.

The Spring 1997 conference will be held at Shippensburg.

A discussion of a host for the Fall 1995 conference ensued. A motion was made to have one more meeting this year in the Fall. A motion was made to table the first motion and discussion ensued. A motion was made to have an executive board meeting in the Fall to plan for the next spring meeting; there would be no summer executive board meeting and no Fall conference. The motion was approved with one opposed: Clarence Krantz.

The Board adjourned at 6:06 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah L. Whitfield