The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

August 24, 1995

The PACISE Executive Board met at Days Inn in Milesburg Pennsylvania on August 24th, 1995. Richard Smaby, President, convened the Board at 5:15 p.m.

Present: Thomas Cunningham [Indiana], Nicholas Ford [California], David Hutchens [Millersville], John Potter [Lock Haven], Richard Smaby [Clarion], Joseph Thomas [Kutztown], Deborah Whitfield [Slippery Rock], Erik Wynters [Bloomsburg], Ellen Zimmer [Edinboro].

A motion to remove the listing of the absent individuals form the minutes was approved. A motion to add absent school names to the minutes was defeated.

The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of April 7, 1995 were approved as amended.

A treasurer's report showing a balance on $1,582.59 was accepted.

Thomas Cunningham will create a web site for PACISE at IUP. A link to SRU will be made for the posting of both the draft and approved minutes.

The Spring '96 Conference will be held at California with a general theme of: Software and Technology. It will be held simultaneously with SSHE-MA at the end of March or early April. Representatives should send e-mail to to tell Nicholas when Spring Break will be held at their institution.

A Reimbursement Request Form was introduced and approved as amended. The form will be used by the treasurer to maintain accurate records.

A discussion ensued on how to increase participation at PACISE events as faculty participation is particularly low. A suggestion to centralize the planning and organizing of the fall meeting was made. A central location such as Harrisburg or State College could be used as the site for a fall conference organized by the Executive board. Other suggestions to increase participation were: hold a job fair for students, have an research topic in the fall and a curricular or education related topic in the spring, set aside time for socializing on Friday night. A suggestion for helping the cost of the conference by having more than one publisher at the conference was made.

A motion to have the Fall 1996 Conference organized by the executive board was approved. A motion for Ellen Zimmer to find a suitable central location for Fall 1996 conference and have the January executive board meeting held there was approved. A January meeting date of the 12th, no earlier than 2:00 was approved. Richard will coordinate with Ellen, design a schedule for the conference and executive board members should come to the meeting with ideas of speakers that could be invited.

Richard Smaby motioned that a long-term schedule of who holds conferences be created. The motion was withdrawn.

The Executive Board adjourned at 7:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah L. Whitfield