The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

March 29, 1996

The PACISE Executive Board met at California University of Pennsylvania on March 29th, 1996. Richard Smaby, President, convened the Board at 5:08 p.m.

[resent: Thomas Ahlborn [West Chester], David Hutchens [Millersville], James Sieber [Shippensburg], Mary Robinson-Slabey [Mansfield], Richard Smaby [Clarion], Joseph Thomas [Kutztown], Deborah Whitfield [Slippery Rock], Erik Wynters [Bloomsburg], Ellen Zimmer [Edinboro].

The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of January 26, 1996 were approved.

A treasurer's report showing a balance of $1,792.52 was accepted.

The Spring 97 Conference will be held at Shippensburg. Doug Ensley and James Seiber will coordinate the conference. James Seiber requested that Richard Smaby send him a distribution list for PACISE representatives so that James can request information from the representatives. A tentative date of the weekend of April 5th, 1997 was set. Shippensburg will need someone from PACISE to help coordinate the programming contest, Shippensburg will coordinate the laboratory environment. A brief discussion of the budget and general conference schedule ensued. It was made known that in the past PACISE has covered costs when the conference is in the red.

The PACISE WWW site has not been created yet. The board felt that it was imperative that this task be completed in a timely manner. Richard Smaby, Deborah Whitfield, and Erik Wynters volunteered to assist in getting this project moving.

The standardization of programming contest rules, including the language to be used, the materials permitted, and the members of the teams was discussed. Ellen Zimmer will draft a proposal and present it to the board.

A "Birds of a Feather" session to discuss the future of PACISE will be held from 10:45 - 11:15 tomorrow. The board will meet during breakfast and discuss the contents of this session. A motion was approved that PACISE will pay for the board's breakfast.

The subject of waiving registration fees for attendees who are experiencing hardship was discussed. Further discussions on this subject are scheduled for breakfast. A motion to waive the registration fee for three students from Bloomsburg was approved.

The next Executive board meeting is scheduled for Sept. 6th at 5:00 p.m. at Milesburg.

The Executive Board adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah L. Whitfield