The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

September 26, 1997

The PACISE Executive Board met at Milesburg,PA on September 26th, 1997. Erik Wynters, president convened the board at 5:50 pm.

Present: John Arch (Shippensburg), Thomas Cunningham (Indiana), Nick Ford (California), David Hutchens (Millersville), Clarence Krantz (Mansfield), John Potter (Lock Haven), Jim Sieber (Shippensburg), Joseph Thomas (Kutztown), Erik Wynters (Bloomsburg), Deborah Whitfield (Slippery Rock).

The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of April 5th, 1997 were approved as corrected.

A treasurer's report showing a balance of $1,708.62 was accepted.

Joe Thomas asked that an agenda item be added for the next executive board meeting for Clarion to fill out a debit form $57.16. This money was expended on 5/27/97 to pay the reception bill for the conference.

The board also requested that the Clarion representative give a final report of the Clarion conference at the next board meeting.

The spring conference will be held on March 27th, 28th in Shippensburg with the theme: ethics, networking, and curriculum. As requested by previous conference attendees, the conference will begin earlier on Friday to accommodate more speakers and maximize the information gathered by participants. Tentatively, several speakers have been arranged. Bill McArthur, a former Shippensburg professor, is slated to speak; the head of the PA Computer Ethics board has been asked to speak; on Friday, the executive board will have lunch with the keynote speaker. Additionally, book vendors and hardware/software vendors will be sought for their participation. The board suggested that recruiters also be invited.

Several ideas for discussion groups were generated by the board: technology in SSHE, multi-institutional experiences with CS1 and 2, Systems Analysis, and Software Engineering. Two committees were created to help Shippensburg with conference preparation. The programming contest committee consists of Dave Hutchens(chair), Conlon, Wolfe, Dave Mooney, and Raghue Sanghwan. This committee will solicit SSHE professors for programming problems, create registration information and help with judging the contest. The Speaker committee consists of Nick Ford (chair), Ralph Grove from IUP, and Jim Sieber. This committee will aid with send out call for papers to faculty, create birds of a feathers sessions, and panel discussions. John Arch requests that all mailings be sent to him electronically by Nov.1 The faculty reception will be held at the hotel, the student reception will be held on campus and transportation back to the hotel will be provided..

Directions for the future of PACISE was discussed. Professional development for PACISE faculty was suggested. One idea was to hold a two or three day seminar on Java, other topics can be mailed to Joe Thomas ( A committee (Joe Thomas, David Hutchens, Deborah Whitfield) was created to look into topics and arrangements. The executive board may meet in January to discuss a summer seminar.

The board suggested that an increase in membership dues (currently $50), would help to defray costs of conferences. Discussion about expanding memberships to junior colleges and other universities ensued. Deborah Whitfield will examine the constitution to see what rules exist about other colleges being members, and what rules exist to amend the constitution.

The board suggested that the next general meeting be extended so that more input can be gained from the general membership about future directions of PACISE. It was also suggested that a corporate advisory board be created to provide feedback to the board about what courses would be most beneficial for our graduates. Initially, alumni from the SSHE institutions could be asked to serve on the board. Thomas Cunningham and Clarence Krantz will serve on a committee to look for corporate advisors and determine policies and procedures for starting the advisory board.

The next executive board meeting will be held in January meeting at chairman's discretion. An executive board meeting will be held at 5:00 March 27th at the Shippensburg conference.

The Executive Board adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah L. Whitfield