The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

September 25, 1998

The PACISE Executive Board met at the Milesburg, Holiday Inn on September 25th, 1998. Erik Wynters, president, convened the board at 5:10 PM.

Present: Erik Wynters (Bloomsburg Math/CS), Joseph Thomas (Kutztown), James Emert (East Stroudsburg), Clarence Krantz (Mansfield), Joseph Molnar (Edinboro), David Hutchens (Millersville), John Potter (Lock Haven), Thomas Cunningham (Indiana), Tom Ahlborn (West Chester), Jim Seiber (Shippensburg).

The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of March, 27th, 1998 were approved.

A treasurer\x{2019}s report showing a balance of $ 3,569.29 was accepted.

Joe Thomas gave a report on the successful summer workshop on Visual C++ and discussion on doing another one during Summer 99 ensued. Joe Thomas moved and Clarence Krantz seconded that a workshop be repeated in Summer 99 during the same approximate timeframe and at the same price, co-taught by Kutztown faculty and Richard Eckert of Binghamton University. The motion carried unanimously.

Upcoming general meetings were discussed. David Hutchens informed the board that the theme for this Spring's meeting at Millersville is Accreditation and Outcomes Assessment. Joe Molnar agreed that Edinboro would host in 2000. Tom Cunningham tentatively volunteered IUP for 2001 if nobody else steps forward.

The dues change approved by the executive board last March was discussed and it was suggested that the president notify all representatives and chairs that the matter will come up for a vote at the Spring 99 general meeting.

Jim Emert discussed some of the bylaws changes he wants to recommend to the executive board. Further discussion and voting will take place at the Winter 99 Executive Board meeting.

The acquisition of a SSHE license for the ACM digital library was discussed. David Hutchens moved that we investigate this and coordinate with our campus library people (second Jim Seiber) and provide an update at the Winter 99 Executive Board meeting.

The next Executive Board meeting will be held on a Friday near January 15th in Milesburg, PA. The exact date and time will be announced by the president.

Respectfully submitted,

Erik L. Wynters