The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

March 5, 1999

The PACISE Executive Board met at Millersville University on March 5th, 1999. David Hutchens, Vice President, convened the Board at 5:10 pm.

Present: Thomas Ahlborn (West Chester), Thomas Cunningham (Indiana), James Emert (East Stroudsburg), David Hutchens (Millersville), Jerry Blackmon (California), Joe Molnar (Edinboro), Joseph Thomas (Kutztown), Deborah Whitfield (Slippery Rock University), and Erik Wynters (Bloomsburg).

The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of September 25th, 1998 were approved as corrected.

A treasurer's report showing a balance of $3,203.22 was accepted. The Soverign Bank is charging a $3.00 service fee per month. A motion authorizing Joe Thomas to search for another bank was unanimously approved.

A summer workshop for 1999 will be offered Aug 16th-20th in Visual C++ to further the professional development for SSHE faculty. Joe Thomas will ask Richard Eckert to present again and look for a back-up faculty member from Kutztown. The board would like to see mre faculty from the 14 state schools attend the workshop. A motion was approved to offer the larger of 50% of the gross and $1,000 to Eckert or the person selected by Joe Thomas.

Tom Cunningham suggests having two workshops next summer. Discussion ensued for the board to consider requesting a category in the RFP from the Professional Development Committee for SSHE-wide organizations to offer workshops to further the professional development of SSHE faculty.

The board discussed the possibility of creating a journal for the PACISE conference papers. One method would be for a copy to be generated for each member institutions and retain the rest at a central site. Thomas Cunningham offered to obtain electronic copies of the presentations for posting on the Web.

A motion was approved for Executive board members to tell their departments that at the next annual meeting the members present will be asked to replace the quorum requirement of the by-laws (section 3.502) with a requirement that "at least of all members of the executive board and a majority of those present at an officially scheduled meeting are needed to approve motions at Executive Board meetings".

The Executive Board approved the following slate of officers for 1999-2000:

Tomorrow's annual meeting agenda will consist of:

Erik Wynters adjourned the executive board meeting at 6:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah L. Whitfield