The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

Executive Board Minutes

February 2, 2001

The PACISE Executive Board met at Milesburg, Pa on February 2, 2001. President David Hutchens, president convened the meeting at 4:07

Present: Bloomsburg - Bob Montante; Edinboro - Joseph Molnar; Mansfield - Mary Robinson-Slabey; Millersville - David Hutchens; Shippensburg - Joseph Thomas; Slippery Rock - Beverly Gocal

Motion to approve the minutes of September 15, 2000. (Joe Thomas; second - Bob Montante) passed

Joe Thomas gave the treasurer's report and presented information on the 2000/2001 bills. There is a balance of $4027.78 Motion to approve treasurer's report ( Mary Robinson-Slabey; second - Bob Montante)

The major discussion focused on the spring conference at Edinboro. Joseph Molnar gave a report of plans that are being made. The topic of the conference will focus on Information Technology

Ellen Zimmer is heading up the planning with Tim Meyer coordinating the programming contest. He will e-mail requests for problems and judges.

Fees will be set at $55 for faculty and $25 for students.

After discussion it was decided that a $500 limit be placed on an honorarium for the keynote speaker.

Prentice Hall will be hosting the reception and a book display.

Each campus may invite non-SSHE four year colleges to the conference if they wish. Non members will pay the same registration fee as SSHE members.

The suggestion was made to have the keynote speaker on Friday evening but the final decision and the schedule is up to the Edinboro planners.

David Hutchens gave an update on locations for future conferences. (and summary of past locations.)

Past: 1995 Indiana; 1996 California; 1997 Clarion; 1998 Shippensburg; 1999 Millersville; 2000 Indiana

Future Scheduled: 2001 Edinboro; 2002 Slippery Rock; 2003 Shippensburg; 2004 California; 2005 Bloomsburg

Recommended officers for 2001-02:

Mary Robinson-Slabey gave information on the update of the PACISE webpage. It is presently at It was suggested that all PACISE Computer Departments check their webpages and revise any link to PACISE to the new site. In time, the site at Slippery Rock can be removed. For now, that site should redirect viewers to the new site. A suggestion was made to find a site for the PACISE page that could be permanent no matter who is going to maintain the page.

Adjourned 5:35

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Robsinson-Slabey