The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators

General Meeting Minutes

March 30, 1996

The Spring 1996 meeting of the Association was held on March 30th, 1996 at California University of PA. The meeting convened at 1:35 p.m.; Richard Smaby, President, presided.

The results of the programming contest were announced. 1st place: Shippensburg [$200], 2nd place: Indiana[$100], 3rd place: Shippensburg[$50]. The winning members of each team will receive a copy of Delphi from Borland.

Richard Smaby thanked all at California that put on this very successful conference.

The minutes of the Spring 1995 General Meeting were approved without changes.

A treasurer's report showing a balance of $1,792.52 was accepted.

The Computing Achievement Award is now available through local representatives.

During today's conference, a "birds of a feather" session coordinated by David Hutchens discussed the improvement of computing laboratories at SSHE institutions; including upgrading and maintaining these labs. Additionally, it was suggested that the problem of funding these laboratories could be further discussed in the next session.

Richard Smaby coordinated the session on future directions of PACISE. It was suggested that a committee of PACISE faculty should be formed to advise SSHE on providing for the maintaining of computing systems, long range planning, and a line item in the budget for these purposes.

This session also addressed how to increase participation in PACISE; suggestions included holding joint conferences with community colleges and high schools. On the other hand, some present noted that the SSHE faculty have a lot in common and joint conferences might prohibit more intimate meetings.

It was suggested that faculty interests could be helped by sharing information via www.

A homepage will be created for access to minutes, links to SSHE computing departments, and information on the computing achievement award. Also briefly discussed were: 1] the goals of PACISE , 2] reducing the number of meetings to one per year, 3] the Executive board will meet three times per year.

The Spring 1997 conference and programming contest will be held at Shippensburg. Jim Seiber and his colleagues will coordinate this conference. They are looking for an off-campus director of the programming contest. The tentative dates of April 4th and 5th were set.

Richard Smaby presented the current slate of officers [President: Richard Smaby, Vice President: Ellen Zimmer, Treasurer: Joe Thomas, Secretary: Deborah Whitfield] and requested further nominations from the floor. The current slate of officers were voted on and approved to serve another 1-year term.

The General metting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah L. Whitfield