2021 Conference April 9 & 10




PACISE 2021 Programming Contest

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, April 10, 2021

1. Registration

Due to the current special circumstances, the student programming contest is held online at CodeChef website. Therefore, you need to sign up at CodeChef website to participate in the programming contest before filling the application form.

To sign up at CodeChef, you click "New User" button on the top right corner of the webpage at https://www.codechef.com/, as the screenshot below. You will be redirected to the registration webpage to create your account. Your username is required in the application form for enrollment in the programming contest.

Code Chef Image

The programming contest consists of no more than two teams from each university. Each team can have at most three members. Team members must be undergraduate students enrolled at the university being represented.

To be consider for acceptance to the contest, each team must click here no later than March 22, 2021.

2. Contest problems, Languages, and Environment

All the teams are presented with a set of problems with different difficulty levels. Problems are selected from domains such as mathematics, computer science, and business. The programming languages supported at CodeChef are C, C++ (4.3.2, 6.3, 14), C#, Go, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python 3.6, and Ruby.

The program should read from standard input and write to standard output. The format and sample of input and output are described in the specification of each problem. There is no blank line or special token in the last line to indicate the end of input. The program should never open any files!

3. Submission of the Solution

Team members need to use Zoom, MS Team, Discord, or any other collaboration software to work on the problems. Due to the online setting of the contest, there is no proctoring, and honor system is adopted. Team members could use online resources for syntax and API of programming languages, and should refrain from searching online for the answer to the programming problem.

Below is the screenshot of solution submission webpage at CodeChef. To submit the solution, first you need to choose the programming language from the drop-down selection list, then either type the source code in the editor, or click "Choose File" button to pick the source code file, and then click "Submit" button.

Submission Example

You can submit your solution to the same problem no more than 10 times. There is no penalty for multiple submission or wrong submissions.

4. Scoring

The programming contest uses binary assessment type, which means your solution will be judged as either PASS or Fail. CodeChef applies test cases and compares the solution's output with the correct output. The program needs to pass all the test cases to be judged as Pass, and your team will get the score assigned to the problem. Because of different difficulty levels, the problems have different scores.

The programming contest adopts IOI style ranking to determine winners. Teams will be ranked on the basis of the score. If there is a tie, the time that each team takes to reach that score will be used to break the tie.

5. Additional Note

Please note that it is our first time to use an online programming contest website for PACISE student programming contest, and there is no dedicated technical support from CodeChef during the contest. However, we will try our best if glitches or other unforeseen events happen.





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