2021 Conference April 9 & 10




PACISE 2021 - Schedule

April 9 & 10

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Friday (April 9th)

Session I Session II Session III BoF session: How Could We Teach Computer Science and Information System Courses in Order to Reduce Inequality

Pratibha Menon and Lisa Kovalchick
3:00 -
3:30 PM
Asterroll : Building a Video Game in Godot With Help from Gitlab

Jan Molina, Joseph Kunsman, Ryan Carroll, Noah Goodman, Tyler Forrester, Madeline Cardinale, and C. Dudley Girard
A GPU-accelerated Ray Tracing Engine In Modern C++

John J Hynes and William Killian
Comparison of Ensemble Treebased Techniques for Predicting Heart Disease

Isaiah P Steinke, Carolyn Chesley, Jasmin Jean, and Raed Seetan
3:30 -
4:00 PM
Evolving a Bot to Speedrun

Tyler Forrester and C. Dudley Girard
Statewise Twitter Sentiment Analysis Of 2020 US Presidential Election Using Apache Spark

Prathyusha Dongari and Richard J. Burns
A Comparative Study of Data Mining Algorithms Used to Classify Spam E-mails

Morgan Overturf, Lindsay Simon, Justin Wier, and Raed Seetan
4:00 -
4:10 PM
Session IV Session V Session VI PACISE Board Meeting
4:10 -
4:40 PM
Studying Break-in Attempts Across Multiple Servers Using Apache Spark and Security Logs

Tyler Clark, Kevin Codd, and Linh B. Ngo
Information Hiding in Digital Images Using a Fast Fourier Transform-based Hash Function

Matthew Yaswinski, Joshua Del Toro, and Eun-Joo Lee
Time-based Raptor Visualization of the North Lookout at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Faith Evans
4:40 -
5:10 PM
CoNFET: An English Sentence to Emojis Translation Algorithm (PACISE 2020 paper)

Alex Day and Chris Mankos

Saturday (April 10th)

9:00 -
10:00 AM
Opening Speech
Dr. Abbey Zink

Keynote Speech: Net Neutrality
Mr. Manoj Tandon

Host: Sam Thangiah
Session VII Session VIII Session IX Programming Contest
10:00 -
10:30 AM
A Distributed Model-ViewController Design Pattern for a Graphical Remote Control of a Multi-user Application (PACISE 2020 paper)

Dale Parson
Does a News Article Exist within a Web Page? (PACISE 2020 paper)

C. Dudley Girard
Solving a Minesweeper Board by Visually Parsing It (PACISE 2020 paper)

Brandon Packard
10:30 -
11:00 AM
Simulated Contact Tracing of Covid-19 Propagation at Anonymous University for Fall 2020

Dale Parson
Design and Implementation of 2D Game Sprites in Java (PACISE 2020 paper)

Krish Pillai
An Examination of the Ethics of Downloadable Content in Video Games (PACISE 2020 paper)

Brandon Packard
4:00 -
4:10 PM
Session X Session XI Programming Contest
11:10 -
11:40 AM
Solving A Rullo Board by Visually Parsing It

Brandon Packard
Case Study: Headcount Survival Analytics for Employee Retention Using SAS (PACISE 2020 paper)

Jay V Annadatha
11:40 AM -
12:10 PM
An Examination of the Ethics of Addiction and Gambling in Video Games

Brandon Packard
Assessing a Scholarship Program for Underrepresented Students in Computer Science & Information Technology (PACISE 2020 paper)

Patrick Earl
12:10 -
11:30 AM
General Meeting
12:20 -
2:00 PM
2:00 -
2:10 PM
Award Presentation of Programming Contest


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